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Personal Essay

A Tibetan Take: Sherlock Holmes Through a Revolutionary Gaze

Jamyang Norbu’s The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes subverts colonial stereotypes to spin a fantastical tale. But why would a Tibetan revolutionary write about the world’s greatest detective? Anjali Alappat revisits an epic tale which encompasses Holmes’ missing years.


In Constant Movement: The Paradox of Stillness

In the second instalment of the States of Motion series, theoretical cosmologist Paul Sutter considers the pursuit of meditative stillness while acknowledging the eternal motion of the Universe, from the quantum fields of a vacuum to the cosmos itself.


Embodied Imagination: An Interview with Anitha Santhanam

We kick off States of Motion, a series on movement, with an interview with Anitha Santhanam, dancer, actor, and director, whose career has spanned a variety of disciplines from Bharatanatyam to movement therapy, always anchored by the pursuit of creative possibilities.

Short story

The River Speaks

In this short story, environmental writer & researcher Shrishtee Bajpai charts the course of the legendary Indus river. Written from an unique perspective, the piece explores the thoughts and stories tied to this water body, and the accompanying ecosystems. From the humans who journey alongside her to the many creatures who live within and beside her—the river has seen it all.

Personal Essay

Whose Story is it?

In this essay, Shalini Singh documents a unique media repository, the People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI), that focuses on the stories from India’s vast countryside, upturning both the dominant narratives of what India is and mainstream media practices in the process.


Living with Smoke

In this climate change comic, authored by Mica Jorgenson and illustrated by Nicole Marie Burton of Petroglyph Comics, we learn about the Chinchaga wildfire in 1950 that raged through Canadian forestland for months, emitting an unprecedented amount of smoke.


Keepers of a Dyeing Art: The Eri Hand Spinners of Meghalaya and Assam

Historically, eri silk yarn or ahimsa silk yarn was handspun by women to supplement their family’s income. The advent of mills and machines changed everything. But now, small scale revivals of this tradition are making their presence felt. Avid traveller and textile artist, Julie Kagti, writes about communities who are reclaiming this dying art.


We Have Words

In these times of conflict, Nisha Prakash uses poetry to harness the incendiary power of words and their potential for change and healing.

Personal Essay

Raising Shirshendu’s Ghosts

In this insightful instalment of our Literary Devices series, Ujaan Ghosh scrutinises Gandhota Khub Sandehojanok (The Suspicious Odour), one of Bengali author Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay’s best-known works. In this piece, he touches upon dehumanisation, casteism, and why Shirshendu’s ghosts aren’t actually scary.