By playfully traversing traditional boundaries with a range of collaborators and co-creators, we will feature poetry, stories, essays, film, audio and mixed media art. Join us as we explore diverse thoughts, mediums and voices.

Personal Essay

Play it by Ear: Listening Collages

In the third piece of the Inside/Outside series, Renuka Rajiv explores the vulnerabilities of boundaries, broken bodies, feminism, futurism, failure, landfills, and planetary cohabitation.

Personal Essay

In Ebb and Flow

In the second installment of the Inside/Outside series, artist Devika Sundar maps the infinite connections between water and the human body. Seeking inspiration from ancient philosophies and water bodies, in this personal essay she writes about fragility, strength, and the unpredictability of a changing body.

Personal Essay

Standing Here on the Outside

In the first essay of the Inside/Outside series, Joshua Muyiwa expands on the labour of being on the outside, and protecting your tender insides. He sets the scene for three extraordinary pieces of work from fellow writers and artists, which explore the boundaries of their bodies, gender, and sexuality.

Learning event

Water for All

On 4th and 12th March 2023, Vyaktitva Learning Labs, a media literacy initiative, conducted a two- part session for children on Water for All in Navi Mumbai, India. This session was in commemoration of the 96th anniversary of the Mahad Satyagraha and features lovely artworks by the children. Art credit: Nirvana, 11 years.


Mermaid’s Lament

Words by Lina Krishnan and Artwork by Lucia Dami. The siren call of the sea, the river entering a dream and can landlocked limbs find their way? Artwork credit: Lucia Dami


Communing with the Cosmos

A Postmodern architectural experiment, the Cosmic House, is the legacy of Charles Jencks and his family. Their family home is filled with referential, fascinating, and distinctive design. Anjali Alappat writes about her visit to this eccentric museum in the heart of London.

Personal Essay

The Slow Pleasures of Analog

Returning to analog altered Vivek Muthuramalingam’s relationship with photography. Sharing a set of images that emerged from his experiments with analog photography, he writes about finding inspiration in a bakery in Goa, and setting up his own darkroom during the pandemic with his artist friends.