By playfully traversing traditional boundaries with a range of collaborators and co-creators, we will feature poetry, stories, essays, film, audio and mixed media art. Join us as we explore diverse thoughts, mediums and voices.



In this eco-horror comic, written by Archita Mittra and illustrated by Rae Larson, two sisters grapple with generational guilt, climate change, myths, and the devastation of love and loss.


Talking Peys, Pisaasus, and Pulp Fiction: An Interview with Blaft Publications

In the next instalment of our Literary Devices series, Anjali Alappat chats with Rashmi Devadasan and Rakesh Khanna, co-founders of Blaft Publications, about the importance of translating regional pulp fiction, weird blind spots in Indian publishing, monsters from all over the country, and their plans for the future.

Personal Essay

Building a Noteworthy Life

Convinced of the transformative power of music, Child’s Play India Foundation teaches music to underprivileged children in Goa. Chryselle D’Silva Dias on how Beethoven and Bach can offer hope and joy, especially during difficult times.

Personal Essay

Missing the Trees for the Forest

While in the field, ecologist Pooja Choksi found herself slowing down for trees. Field guide in hand, she allowed herself to pause, admire the trees, and the communities surrounding them. It strikes her then that she’s no longer looking at trees as data, and is on the path to curing herself of tree blindness.


Case Verzi: A Resurgence of Sustainable Architecture in Romania

In Romania, a growing interest in eco-friendly architecture has led to the resurgence of clay houses and the introduction of cob. Oana Racheleanu writes about two very different women, united in their determination to build sustainable homes, spaces, and communities.

Personal Essay

Nature’s Beautiful, Forever Invitation

In the last instalment of the Inside/Outside series, Manisha ‘Molly’ Kairaly’s personal essay reflects on her nature-adjacent childhood, the cultural shocks of urban life, the glamorisation of sustainability, and the freedom that nature grants from the male gaze.