Personal Essay

Artwork by Renuka Rajiv

Play it by Ear: Listening Collages


Forsaken figurines of alien grace clumped together roll revel relish garbage/ garbage is human/ human a distortion/ our near future without background/ fiction will safe-guard your fantasies, easy evasion from validating your authorship. Perhaps this is artistic autonomy, idyllic landfill, badly hidden exotic filter. Bad can of worms. Can worms be bad. Definite futurism. De-finite. So many sides to fiction, friction. Because i can i will. Title and populate. Skins put forth for farming landfills, landfills building world. Myth seep through surface as sediment of certainty, don't agree. Don’t agree/ wait for me. I don’t understand you. I’m rethinking our contact. The details of our skin creating text through fiction. Don’t agree. Giant fish keeps swallowing whole worlds. There’s a catalogue charting out different black-holes called countries, we abide. Temporal spores moving beyond the aesthetic. Politics of wasteland embodying truth. Suspicion comes to my mind when you pull out different characters and spatially waste my time. Important questions be biased. Framed well. Maybe there’s a prepared text in relation to the landfill. Ten spaces have just been abandoned. They be ravaged. Broken body essaying new Xperiens. Share your references. Throw some figurines at me. I have no ideas to share with you, no response to your new normal new narrative, new necklace is nice i write back to you in new water. Metal manuscript break body bind body bling body politic. Object taking over in post-humanist fictional realisation of queered facts. There is no more context to ambiguity. Yesterday I excavated the radical potential of my toilet. Used that opportunity to generate fictional discourse that gay up the gaze through historical G-pay manipulation. Fresh feeling of being duped not registered by broken body bcos there is a mind behind the absence of popular proverb with no discernible order. And yes, it’s a piece of reality. Personal friction dispossesses virulent ego. Be wary because there are men around. Be wary they manipulate exuberance. It’s easy to be confident. Question a reality. Talk about tools. To break, you break multiple realities bury the documents that validate the alien. What do you choose to represent/ don’t waste your time populating compelling fictions/ puts the dominant reality in the wasteland of the other. I don’t know how mere possibilities mythologize penetrative disappointments. Dissatisfaction is my primary data/ the plastic in my 3D gun raw source where I lose translation to add to my landfill. If distinction between act and object can be proven by broken body we could structure libraries, the greatest choreography. Latent alien love me at the archive. Trad wasteland you aint no innocent. Some things unavailable to information. Act of aura dominates complicity towards fictionalising broken body. Aura needn’t be recast onto them forsaken. This is what happens when alien keeps getting evoked in the insulated edifice of impenetrable alien/ repetitive aura fade away! I dedicate my future my present my past loss of aura to the cosmic garbage other. Re-implement the alien, agree with the aura! Lost fiction broken galaxy transcends into post-human wasteland. The mystical is not invisible/ the aura is sacred. Contact with a different world is cosmic labour. The content of intricate practice becomes difficult to see at any junction of sacred inter-laps. Maybe it’s too factual/ there are multiple ways you can dislocate those you envy. Perhaps it takes on an inane deficiency as the spectre of state control. Do you find it interesting to wake up to a chamber of horrors that don’t spare your broken body. It’s not enough. How much can critical mechanism claim. I want to acknowledge the plausibility i’m arriving at. The image struggles against spiritual testo-shots. Share your expanse with the sacred aura of neighbouring futurism, this idea plays into singular decentering. Monumental conversation creates fictional collapse where alliance looks at architect. Looks at the artefact that broken body’s become. Protests self-fulfilling. Chew on passivity. Not just about a mode of existence. Through fictioning are you considering accountability that you transcend? The genius is passive. Tricky traverse a blurred landfill. Embodied accountability to think about the point of passive fiction. Passive body a kinky decision. Specific way of giving way into other worldly penetration with a scribbled background. It’s important to know if she is in contact with the other realm bcos it’s her pidgin dominance. Can you use pidgin to dismantle colonial collective pleasure? Pest in the wood a penetrator. Don’t know about accountability/ when you have community you have permission. Imprisonment. The site of the video is forsaken. Upfront accountability through pidgin aftermath of archive mining minerals to mix local bodies broken. Into violent utopia.

Artwork by Renuka Rajiv



Belated recognition of non-human cohabitants a real pleasure to congratulate ourselves regardless of how late. How do you relate to the entire population/ how do we speak to those we annihilate? Pass the baton back to the cleaners only rendered visible at Xtreme shitshow. What it illuminates/ how it creates bio-seg creates a different view of what we decide to take. It will be sensorial traumatic. Justice is how one understands the claims of a few. Ongoing propositions compete to define toxicity and personal supremacy. Toxicity is the cornerstone of climax. Civilizational segregation that has metastasised multiple morning coffees. Moving between time-zones produces a fragile biography. We had a long discussion with fascinating students caring for toxicity. The idea of the gathering is a one-to-one ignition giving rise to questions of the deficiencies of self. So colleagues set up the unravelling whose reception will be seen in spoken word. Nobody has seen the viewer in this ISOvacationFORtheWEALTHY. A porous invitation may not give you a magical transformation. These invitations are interventions on stolen land. Claimed, not reclaimed. What were the kinds of protocol between viewer and victim? Steady movement is not necessarily interesting if you have justice in your heart. As we all know, justice is a rag-tag ensemble with opaque invitations. It has something to do with perfumes. You can smell global depression. The homicide paradigmatic has a vast cohort of deliberators consolidating their phenomenological abundance praxis. Law is taken as a sanitation regime. Instead let’s apply pressure on the after-party recuperation logic. Grazing in a way that words fill up silence instead of meaningful images. Transforming glimpses from a foggy lens. Several projects concerning the neglect of non-humans get incorporated into a hierarchy set up to fail them. I never got so excited about any sentence like this. What does it mean to make common-sense disappear. Everybody is coming to contribute to the initiation of their absence. Deep-time exploitation is a long-term enquiry into cosmic simultaneity to moving backward while progressing on behalf of the victor’s pockets. Some of them will realise the real illusion of being humane once their relationships go long-distance. Crisis can disrupt the visible collective. Pass the baton when you don’t care to clean up. Fiction will show the refusal of an adversarial suspension of disbelief. We cannot go back to some buildings and you can make a virtue of that. Suddenly we become willing. Clip your nails cos anyway you don’t have the means to scratch the patriarchy. At certain points of medical crisis, you can reshape what is going to happen by overcoming the limits of the traditional. Artists only looking into pixels/ is this a solution in these times/ artists can only provide a redefinition of their sense of grandeur – and why they are numero uno non-essential. The farmlands related to hunger for acquisition, not food for the soul. The body is a soluble landscape/ it can host visitors. A jungle is a provocation for complaint as work. Non-humans have no say if they don’t carry sufficient technology. Black water has been burdened onto the sanitation worker/ all conversations are four-channel possibilities. Stillness is the apex of machine health which is a different structure of culture. You fight poison there is failure. If you surrender to failure the mirror breaks to offer a glimpse of the future. We are hoping it happens in some form later on. Within a difficult trial the court itself is illegitimate. The system’s not always equipped with the pluralistic language of just-ice. Discursive deliberation is an intellectual space for alcohol consumption. Oozing through the cracks of a sinography offer a grey perpetrator and a grey victim. Inherently we have to feed ourselves outside the time of that moment. We decided to use a house instead of thinking about the house itself, some complaints carry qualities that surround our porous disappointments. We have to make episodes out of our susceptibility. The delay of dealing with the toxic is what cements our relationship with the same. Assault shouldn’t be limited to the linguistic alone. X marks the momentary sublimation of time. Recipes formulate memory of a recent joke. In the names of dig-nity and just-ice the queue for digital assassinations is long. On the website you can ring a proverbial bell to draw attention to yourself. To disrupt polite hypocrisy of self-effacing attention to subterranean somebodies. There is a question for deliberation on the challenges of the ineffable. We argue that it should allow for more voices that compete with one another based on what reading we’ve recently latched on to. Gender based violence/ nobody admits that they love it but they speak a different love-language when traversing loopholes of polite structures. The political protocol that is done on speech is a driver of basic motorbike music which constitutes speech but is rendered as noise. If you play a tune within the purview of the legal horizon, the piano becomes a shore-line for participation. High energy logic dissipates. But that mode of gathering will happen again. We don’t quite know how toxic we are together. Nobody wants to take the question but one still hopes it will be a learning experience/ bad experiences can be uniquely significant. The inner work has to be navigated. Experiencing life on instagram can be a moving Xperiens/ transforming the personal. It’s not a chance that it happens this way/ the history of the institution is in its final iteration. Fiction is an important undercurrent in a resilient world, older trajectories are sometimes more attentive to the seamless dissolves between beauty and pain. What will happen afterwards. Interruptions are specific to the past bcos the present has been liberated from logic or linearity. The call to the mini-experts is not a rolling application. A lost year is impossible if you can engineer an overproduction of the mind. Discursive success and failure – the cost effective way of creating danger. Life can become slow if you deal with FOMO. One-dimensional complex diversity might be a new alt to adult peer pressure. The thick dramatisation of ecology produces only webinars. The question of the expert is not applicable to artists. Degenerative expertise has to discover the space of front-line globe trotting contemporary art. Protagonists are unknown and known. When you go somewhere, you have to animate the logic of the living dead. Tangible, kinetic atrocity is onsite on a daily basis.

Artwork by Renuka Rajiv


Waste comes largely from the refused. Linked with invisibilized excess that is non-linear beyond summary. Consequential degradation occurs using the promise of value to stimulate a negated environment. Surplus negates how the environment is transformed into a series of expendable questions. Do we collaborate to progress towards the anthropo-dom geo-pol force that creates disparity with other species, inspires our collective breakdown. Through turning everyone into obscure labour, collaborative survival can police the ideas of progress. It’s seen inherently as a way to trap everyone within this framework. Time-making is linked to the role of colonising terrestrial limits. Multiplicity means owning different life spans. Finding food is the speed of time, making it precarious and this connects trivial pursuit with certified extinction. What do pre-industrial livelihoods tell us today about stealing? Non-human species are non species. They live in areas that will get burnt down by humans. Can communal assemblages observe interplay between polyphonic defiance and multi-focal linearity? Within one piece of sound we view a multi-directional coordination of regress that we can process later as history. Pioneers of maintenance invisibilise manifestos of earlier cleaners. Within the interstices of non-human exploitation we see sanitation propose new and imagined installation art. Maybe this is useful to the household located at the top of a landfill. The frameworks of male-driven vocab often take the course of objects theorising earth as virginmotherwhore. It fits in with seeing the earth as constantly available, open to reenactments of dominance. These images are key to a non-anthropocompromised understanding of linear waste. Earth is prostituting polyphonic time to the capitalists. What does it mean to deny a man his roots. I went on a journey when i re-listened to the vocab of a story i know. It has transmitted the uncertain centralization of what we need to know. Sightlessness is a tactic of precarity. It’s self-evident that linking vulnerability and multifocal time is not remarkable to the powers of chaos. What has been left behind is the discard – they are the posterpeople of our framing of precarity. Industrial resource fields remind the past of its lack of critique within bought- and-sold histories. Aliens exploit themselves bcos they love thoughts from opposing views. Essentially you can adapt to someone taking you apart and piecing you to suit the industrial assemblage. If you have to constantly remake yourself, does that make your relationship with precarity a collab? What would be required materially to be in this psychological racial capitalism? Racism and migration are aspects of the challenges of capitalist collab while forgetting reconfigurations of adaptive narrative tricks. Stable backgrounds imagine hunters slaying stories that got normalised through foraging for culture – that being our origin story of polyphonic accountability. Holding two thoughts – of rupture and of the days of our lives – we assemble to the illusions of normativity. The sense of the normal is a disruptive agent that creates a useful logic for virus and non-human stakeholders. Even though we are in our individual states of crisis, we participate in unstable economic festivities. Assemblages of vulnerability can transform historical chaos. Chaos evokes its predictable authority over linear time-lines of world building. Automatic time induces polyphonic curiosity – the unfamiliar is required to think through breaks in rebellion that work against irregular rhythms. Even an environmental idea like the weekday explains the breakdown of feudalism into capitalism, a decisive move to control the reproduction of the seasons. In relation to making the future predictable, it fits in with the progressive growth of linear debt. Eternal value creation hopefully makes sense. The point was to free up more time to holiday in our precise obsessions. The weekend is a creation of the optimistic delusion that there’s gonna be more time in the future. Rather than looking around, we can make things up to detach from our immediate surroundings. Being removed from your own context is a liberation from the constraints of time zones. Utopic workers play jazz music. The future requires improvisation. It’s a utopic idea to get sucked into a screen and forage for directions. What does it mean to have infinite resources but no vision. The earth has been metaphorised into a feminine landfill. When a landfill has no engagement with a racial earth, cast bodies put the work out of sight. Work is essential but them people aren’t seen; larger history of empty spaces. Irony has to become a contradiction to the politics that is the landfill. Irony is blind to gentrification. Of who cleans up after the revolution. The manifesto of maintenance vs the idea that linear things need to come from feminist visibilization of domestic labour. Comes from the question of how to deal with the earth. Earth will deal. Cast stigma doesn’t interrogate sanitation work, and gentrification is not possible on islands where all those there do maintenance work. Superficial proposals are not meant to be fulfilled. Performative gentrification becomes a rife metaphor-not-metaphor bcos people who live close are questioning maintenance. That would restructure mechanised mixed media.

About the author

Renuka has had an interest in making things since childhood, exploring drawing, paper mache, tie-dye and stitching. They studied digital video production at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with Honours) majoring in printmaking at Victorian College of Art, Melbourne. Since then, their work has reconnected with the childhood interests of playing with fabric and paper. Most themes and content in their work is personal, which includes the compulsion towards the hand-made. Their work inhabits a space that accommodates the imaginative, observational and autobiographical. Since 2012 they have been exhibiting regularly in group and solo shows. Recently they have exhibited at Vadehra Art Gallery (Delhi), Nichido Contemporary (Tokyo), Yokohama Trienalle (Yokohama) and Chitrakala Parishat (Bangalore). Their animation was also included in the Festival Mondial des Cinemas Sauvages (Brussels). Prizes include FICA Emerging Artist Award, Substation exhibition prize and City of Stonington Print Prize. They have been on art residencies at CONA (Bombay), T.A.J. (Bangalore) and Pro Helvetia + FICA (Lucerne).

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