Mermaid's Lament

Lina Krishnan

The sea beckons like a siren
Casting its net of allure
Alamar, alamar to the sea
Ever blue, ever free

Film and song and steamboat horns
Mingle with memories of casuarina groves
Needles underfoot, a pale sunrise, scores of
Birds burying eggs beneath the sand

Now, the river enters the dream
Intoxication and fear work their sorcery
The horizon shimmers in the afternoon glare
Can land-locked limbs ever find their way?

Go away pisces, call me no more
Riding the waters is nyet, nyet
Or at least, not just yet

About the poem and collaborators

For Lina Krishnan, the inspiration for part of this poem came from reading about Mrinal Sen’s tryst with Faridpur; crossing mid Padma as he put it.

Lina Krishnan

Lina Krishnan is a poet and abstract artist based in Auroville, India. Her work has been included in literary journals, arts magazines and in several collections of poetry.

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Lucia Dami

Lucia Dami is both an oracle and an artist of the uncatchable essence that lives within us all. By bridging unseen worlds into tangible realities, every creation and co-creation becomes the totem of an inner journey. Transcending the uncertain to arrive at the Sacred, she invites us into a space where we may at once see and be seen for the mysterious forces of nature we so perfectly embody.

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